Radio Interview on KOWS 107.3

Hey folks, I’ll be doing a radio interview on KOWS 107.3 Saturday November 21 around 1:15.

I’ll be talking with longtime local DJ and music lover, KC who has made the move to the KOWS community radio station. She’s chosen to interview me on the debut of her new segment, “The Mendo Moment” featuring Community Radio from the ‘kin’dom of West Sonoma County. It’s billed as a wildly clever, iconoclastic stew of talk, music, political commentary, reading of inadvertently funny public documents of trade magazines and scripted skits. Her show begins at noon and I think we’ll do the interview around 1:15pm. It’ll be fun talking with KC and I’m sure she’ll play some Steven Bates music.

Tune in on November 21st and check it out. If you aren’t in the listening area you can stream it at

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