New “Lost Black Magic” CD Finally Released!

At long last, the new album is finally here! “Lost Black Magic” is ready to be heard. Need a stocking stuffer? We’ve got ’em! We tried to have them for our “Day of the Dead” show, but we just couldn’t quite swing it. But now, without further ado, we’re very proud to bring you our latest and greatest album for your listening pleasure!

There have been a lot of changes since the last release. Fans will notice some familiar songs from shows as well as some brand new compositions. It was a real pleasure to play with Roger Fritz, David HayesJames Preston and Bill Bottrell on the first few songs as well as Jon Faurot and Ralph Humphrey on the last couple. It was also really great to record with Calvin Turnbull at his new studio in Navarro, CA.

We hope this new album will make you want to dance, is thought-provoking, and will bring a smile to your face with a little musical “magic”. Rock on!

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Lost Black Magic CD

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