Back to The Whisky We Go Go!

Steven playing rock historian at the Whisky

We’ve been asked back to The Whisky already! We’ll be heading south again to that hallowed hall, the musician’s Mecca and all around rockin’ nightclub: The Whisky A Go Go. That’s right! How cool is that? We feel like Sally Field getting her second Oscar, saying “Wow. You really like me! You really, really like me!”

Steven Bates Whisky poster 10-7-13LR
Steven Bates Band
Playing live at The Whisky A Go Go
8901 W. Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
October 7, 2013 at 7:00pm
Tickets $10
We’ll be opening for “Hookers and Blow” Dizzy Reed’s new band. Name sound familiar? Reed is the “Guns N’ Roses” keyboard player. The Whisky looks to be the happening spot on the Strip Monday, October 7th.

Since we’re the opening act, going out on a school night is no excuse for not coming out to play. We start to jam at around 7:00pm. Everyone can have a great time, a couple of drinks and still be at work with no problem on Tuesday. Let’s face it. Monday is usually the bummer day of the week. Why not make it a memorable Monday instead? Come hang out at The Whisky with us and dance those Monday blues away. You’ll be glad you did.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link and get some tickets – they’re only $10 bucks!

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Still need convincing? Check out the videos from our last Whisky show.

Whisky Road Trip Anyone?

Whisky A Go Go 9-8-13 poster2
Hollywood here we come!

We’re really excited to be playing at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go on Sunday, September 8th. We hope you will make the pilgrimage to our psychedelic dance party as we jam at this historic club.

I’ll be playing with long-time friend and Hollywood native, Jeffery Walsh on guitar. The amazing Ralph Humphrey on drums and my brother Peter Bates on bass.

Whisky road trip anyone?
It’s a long haul for my northern California fans, but the journey is what it’s all about. Who’s in?

Thanks All European Listeners

Hello. Greetings from this April evening. I have been told by my confederates… that the right word?…com…padres…that works for California after all…anyway I have heard that many of our European brothers and sisters have been visiting this website. Well, that to me is inspiring. In this latter era of Rock and Roll it seems that often times Europeans still pine for this great and everlasting American art form. I know, Jazz usually gets the big distinction as America’s original musical art form…..Rock and Roll though….a different beast as it were. Keep on visiting, Europe, and we will continue to give you all that we can….Best to you on this April Eve.

New Single Coming Soon

We have a new song coming soon. It’s turning out great.  Just had to get one more song released before my friend, Calvin Turnbull has to relocate his music studio. Hugh made it possible and I am so pleased with what I’ve heard so far.

Lost Black Magic Coming Soon

Of course I have to say hello, greetings, etc. The new single, “Lost Black Magic” is, to me, a magical piece of music as music sometimes can be. A few small dents have been hammered out as I understand and I am looking to it to hear the latest version. More rock and roll and more to come. Best, Steven

Jukebox Surprise

Funny thing happened when I went to have a drink at Dick’s Place in Mendocino…

We ordered drinks and my buddy, Hugh told me he’d go put some good music on the jukebox. You should’ve seen my face when Insider’s Blues blared out of the speakers! I laughed loud and hard — It took me totally by surprise! Had no idea they had Play It Pretty For Atlantis on the jukebox. Of course, Hugh knew and wanted to surprise me. Well, needless to say, we played a lot of songs off the album that night! Amazing to hear my new music on the local jukebox!

Dick's Place poster

Release: “Play It Pretty For Atlantis” Rocks Northern California Coast

Rock the Ground Productions releases their newest CD, Play It Pretty For Atlantis, by rock guitarist phenom, Steven Bates. From the killer dueling guitars (best heard on headphones), to memorable lyrics  like “if it were the last piece of real estate, I wouldn’t want to live inside your head”, this album is a major crowd pleaser.
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Interview with Alan Ahtow

Alan Ahtow interviews Steven Bates, a local musician on the north Mendocino County coast in northern California. Bates discusses writing original music and the newest CD release “Play It Pretty For Atlantis”. This segment aired on the Mendocino Coast Television’s Coast Currents program in August 2012.