Release: Steven Bates begins weekly residency at The Heritage House

MENDOCINO COUNTY, CA – Steven Bates: Superb vocalist, gifted songwriter and extraordinary guitar hero begins his weekly residency at The Heritage House on July 10, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

Roots rockers, happy hippies, folk freaks and blues junkies of all ages can gather to listen as one to the sound of Steven Bates acoustic music every Sunday evening at The Heritage House in Little River, California.

Steven-Bates-LRMendocino County native, Steven Bates is no stranger to the vibrant music scene along the Northern coast of California. His music takes you by the hand and leads you smiling and grateful to the dance floor. Like the sun finally coming out after weeks of cold, gray weather, you bask in the warmth of true, original music which you hadn’t even realized you’d been longing for.

His vibe is warm and inviting. It makes you want to reach out to a stranger. It has something to say, but itsn’t preachy. It makes you grin at the person next to you, bobbing his head in time with your own. Bates grew up listening to The Beatles, Dylan, The Dead, The Doors and Hendrix; you can hear the influence of classic rock, folk and blues mixing expertly with meaningful lyrics and astounding guitar licks.

Some Bates songs grab you by the throat, others by the heart. But their naked honesty is what will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. His lyrics make images pop in front of your mind’s eye; the intense guitar strumming matching the feelings of those colorful images.

Steven Bates music: it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Steven Bates will be performing a free solo acoustic show every Sunday evening starting at 5:00 pm at the Heritage House Resort & Spa, 5200 N. Highway 1, Little River, CA. The Sunday shows will be in the dining room for all ages with no cover charge. For dinner reservations, directions and other information call (707) 202-9000 or email

The Heritage House Info:
5200 N. Highway 1, Little River, CA
(707) 202-9000

Steven Bates Music Links and Info:


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Kate Wolf Festival here we come!

Hey gang! I’m really getting psyched about playing at the 2016 Kate Wolf Festival with the Mendocino Quartet!

As most of you know, I play music regularly with long-time friends, Gene Parsons and David Hayes. Through the years, Gene and David and I have played many gigs together and they’ve both played on my CDs; we’ve spent many a happy afternoon jamming and enjoying a beer or three. And as for Gwyneth Moreland— I’ve known Gwyneth since she was about 13– she was always known as “the girl with the great voice”. It’s always fun playing music with her and hearing that voice once again!

The four of us have been getting together as the Mendocino Quartet and lately have been playing various venues around Mendocino County. For those who haven’t seen us play together, we’re all song-writers, so each of us takes turns singing their own songs, round-robin style, and its like we’re all sitting on the back porch playing tunes on a beautiful sunny afternoon at a family gathering. Good tunes, good friends, good vibes!

So, I hope you all can join our little family gathering this Thursday, June 23rd, where our back porch will be the Forest Stage at the Kate Wolf Festival and share some good vibes!

Every year the Kate Wolf Festival attracts an amazing line-up of bands and the musical talent this year is no exception! I’m truly honored to be a part of it and really looking forward to hearing the other acts, as well as strutting my stuff with my friends: Gene, David and Gwyneth, the other 3 quarters of the Mendocino Quartet! Hope you can score some tickets and make it to the festival!

It’s gonna be one heck of a hootenanny!

See you there!


To see a video of the Mendocino Quartet follow the link below:
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2016…A message…assorted news…and thanks.

Hello Peoples!  I just wanted to pop in…for the first time I think … say hello, write a few words and get my fingers on this website. This website!  Thank you Diane for creating and maintaining this great doorway from us to the rest of the world. And on the thank you notes, thank you Hugh for creating such beautiful art….the posters are fantastic…in every sense of the word.  It’s always a high light of my day to  see his art on telephone poles, in kiosks, windows and doorways, alleys and forests…forests? … adding more vibrant color to the world one rock and roll poster at a time.  Occasionally I check into the poster gallery on this site to peruse the past and enjoy the memories even though that color is always and forever in the now. So, yes, 2016.  2014 and 15 were beautifully transitional years for me.  Big turmoil, then big changes, then big Love. Waves of unedited life. And, of  course, fantastic musical experiences.  Great rock and roll dances.  Beautiful acoustic performances….both solo and with dear friends and veterans from the musically conscripted.  I’ve had some incredible gigs already this year. Some that still get me high just with the memory. I am looking forward to more with a fully engaged heart.  Looks like sunshine on the horizon for those of us seeking it. If we are mistaken then let’s just make our own okay? We have begun work on a new record.  I ‘m so pleased with the outcome already, though it is but an infant.  Some of the songs were dreamt, some are cleaved from the simplest wishes and some are just there to make themselves known, regardless of what any of us in the studio do.  In any case I already love the album.  I am ever grateful that I have the opportunity to do another one.  Like the last few records, I hope this one too brings joy from the sheer power of music.  This is fun.  I’ll be writing here more.  If you are reading this feel free to comment.  If you don’t want to leave one then take a minute to check out the music and art.

Till the next tune,


Radio Interview on KOWS 107.3

Hey folks, I’ll be doing a radio interview on KOWS 107.3 Saturday November 21 around 1:15.

I’ll be talking with longtime local DJ and music lover, KC who has made the move to the KOWS community radio station. She’s chosen to interview me on the debut of her new segment, “The Mendo Moment” featuring Community Radio from the ‘kin’dom of West Sonoma County. It’s billed as a wildly clever, iconoclastic stew of talk, music, political commentary, reading of inadvertently funny public documents of trade magazines and scripted skits. Her show begins at noon and I think we’ll do the interview around 1:15pm. It’ll be fun talking with KC and I’m sure she’ll play some Steven Bates music.

Tune in on November 21st and check it out. If you aren’t in the listening area you can stream it at

New “Lost Black Magic” CD Finally Released!

At long last, the new album is finally here! “Lost Black Magic” is ready to be heard. Need a stocking stuffer? We’ve got ’em! We tried to have them for our “Day of the Dead” show, but we just couldn’t quite swing it. But now, without further ado, we’re very proud to bring you our latest and greatest album for your listening pleasure!

There have been a lot of changes since the last release. Fans will notice some familiar songs from shows as well as some brand new compositions. It was a real pleasure to play with Roger Fritz, David HayesJames Preston and Bill Bottrell on the first few songs as well as Jon Faurot and Ralph Humphrey on the last couple. It was also really great to record with Calvin Turnbull at his new studio in Navarro, CA.

We hope this new album will make you want to dance, is thought-provoking, and will bring a smile to your face with a little musical “magic”. Rock on!

Preview the CD

Lost Black Magic CD

We’ll miss you, brother

James PrestonWe’re saddened to hear of the passing of our drummer and friend, James Preston.

Ever the acerbic curmudgeon, James’ prickly exterior hid a huge heart. James has been playing with the band for many years and was a major contributor to Play It Pretty For Atlantis as well as our forthcoming album. We will miss his keen intelligence, biting wit and world-class drumming. He was an extremely versatile drummer who could play many different styles from R&B and jazz to Rock and Zydeco.

James played with many different musicians including Jon Hammond, Booker T. Jones, Dr. John and Bobby McFerrin to name but a few, and was a longstanding member of The Sons of Champlin.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family. We’ll miss you, brother.

Please give what you can to help out James’ family. Donate


Farewell, Buddy Stubbs, and thanks.

In memory of a great musician and friend of the band, Garth Beckington (Buddy Stubbs).
Thanks for the music. It was great jamming with you, man.

“This Land Is Your Land”

“I Know You Rider”

Dylan’s “Things Have Changed”

Magical Mini Tour in Southern California

We’re pumped to be heading back down to the greater Los Angeles area for a magical mini tour in mid-January. Playing a Friday show at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the awesome Santa Monica Pier then helping the World-Famous Whisky A Go Go celebrate their big 50th Anniversary on Sunday.

Dude, we’re playing Rusty’s at the Pier!

We’re thrilled to have been invited to play at the Santa Monica Pier. We get to rock the socks off of the center of the surf scene, dude! Rusty’s has made us feel very welcome and we’re proud to be part of their Friday night lineup.

Whisky A Go Go 50th Anniversary

Anyone who hangs out with me knows how important rock and roll history is to me. I find it compelling on so many levels. The different sounds, the scene, the political statements and poetry that have changed lives and influenced generations make it alive in my heart. I hope you’ll put on your dancin’ shoes as we rock into the musical history that IS the Whisky A Go Go.

We’re humbled to be standing on the same stage where The Doors, Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and so many other great musicians have rocked before. We’re in awe of the incredible acts and historic significance that places The Whisky high in rock and roll prominence. We’re honored to be a part of their 50th anniversary celebration of music and the venue that has been home and catalyst for musicians worldwide. It has changed so many lives including our own.

We’ll be opening for Martha Davis and the Motels – So come party with Jeffrey Walsh, Ralph Humphrey, Peter Bates and me on our “Magical Mini Tour”. Together we’ll conjure up the spirit of Jim Morrison with a little “Life Affirming Rock N’ Roll” and add the Mendocino sound into the rock music history books.

FRIDAY, JAN. 17, 10:30pm
Rusty’s Surf Ranch

256 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA
Admission $7

SUNDAY, JAN. 19, 8:00pm
Whisky A Go Go

8901 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
Tickets $20
Buy Tickets from us and show you support the band!

Magical Mini Tour



A Rockin’ Good Time Was Had By All

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate at the Patterson’s Pub 20th Anniversary Party. What a terrific Mendocino welcome after our exhausting trip the day after our late night Whisky A Go Go gig in Hollywood. After doing so many solo acoustic shows at Patterson’s, it was so much fun to be playing electric with the full band to a packed house. We were all jammed in so tight, it felt like audience members were backup singers for the band. We appreciate everyone brave enough to dance in such tight quarters. Is there a dance called “The Sardine”?

Bates-rocks-PattersonsPubBut what a great party! The old house was practically rocked off its foundation! The bar even lost a bottle or two as the bass and drum beat throbbed them right off the shelves! The already busy bar tenders had to push back the bottles to save them from the rising swell of sound waves.

I have to give a few shout outs to some friends who really made the last few days over-the-top fantastic. Thanks to our good buddy, Monsieur Bottrell for singing lead vocals on “Miss You”. We love it when you play with us, Bill! Old friend, Angelo, for supporting the band and showing us a great time in Hollywood. Hugh, for getting us back to Mendocino in one piece and being our champion of rock music. Big thanks to Jeannie for squeezing us in through throngs of partiers. And of course, Tony and Mary Anne for letting the band play our asses off at Patterson’s Pub.

I will take a few days to recover, but damn, let’s do it again!

P.S. Hope to see everyone next Sunday at V’Canto where we’ll be playing unplugged.

Big Win at Rising Stars Music Competition

I was honored to win for a second time at the Rising Stars Music Competition at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds on Saturday. Me and my trusty 6-string took first place in the Singer/Songwriter Acoustic category. The competition was fierce, but friendly on a beautiful fall day in Ukiah. I loved hanging out with the other talent. Who doesn’t want to hob-nob with fellow songwriters, crooners and jamming musicians? It’s just a gas.

Plus, nothing is more gratifying than getting to do what I love, while contributing to causes that help folks. The competition is a 12-hour, multi-musician, multi-genre smorgasbord of talent, who over the years have helped raise over $15,000 for charity.

It’s more like a marathon for sponsors and volunteers who give countless hours organizing the yearly event. But it is a worthwhile labor of love that touches a lot of lives — just like the music they help promote.

Rising Stars Event Poster 2013