Steven Bates

Steven Bates Band members

Steven Bates Music: High-energy, jamming, roots-rock with conscious lyrics and virtuoso guitar-playing that makes audiences get up and dance. Steven Bates is a triple threat: a superb vocalist, a gifted songwriter, and extraordinary guitar-hero whose live performances leave audiences exhilarated, rejuvenated and clamoring for more.

But descriptions pale in comparison to the real deal; there are many performance videos which capture Steven with the band in action or in a solo acoustic show

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Steven Bates is a musician who grew up in Mendocino County on the beautiful northern coast of California. He started playing music and school dances by the age of thirteen. After graduating, he set off to southern California. There, he played all over the area with different bands and individuals. Knowing that the lyrics are currency, he has written numerous songs always with an eye on getting people out on the dance floor. Playing with a revolving lineup of musicians that includes members of Van Morrison, Sons of Champlin, Frank Zappa, the Byrds and others, he serves up original, searing, guitar-driven roots rock music. When he plays acoustic he delivers a fast paced strumming technique that has a rock and roll vibe unto itself. He aims to leave every audience with something memorable, which is a good reason to catch his live shows.

Players and Friends

Steven Bates plays and records with a revolving lineup of talented musicians.


Bill Bottrell (Electric, Acoustic 12-string)
Roger Fritz (Electric, Slide and Acoustic)
Buddy Stubbs (Electric)
Jai Vatuk (Slide)
Jeffrey Walsh (Electric)

Pedal Steel

Gene Parsons


Peter Bates
Jon Faurot
David Hayes (Electric and Acoustic)
Scott Southard
Calvin Turnbull

Drums & Percussion

Bobby Bednar
Michael Lono Bissen
Johnny Bush
Phil Dunn
Ralph Humphrey
Preston Nelson
Claudia Paige
James Preston