2016…A message…assorted news…and thanks.

Hello Peoples!  I just wanted to pop in…for the first time I think … say hello, write a few words and get my fingers on this website. This website!  Thank you Diane for creating and maintaining this great doorway from us to the rest of the world. And on the thank you notes, thank you Hugh for creating such beautiful art….the posters are fantastic…in every sense of the word.  It’s always a high light of my day to  see his art on telephone poles, in kiosks, windows and doorways, alleys and forests…forests? … adding more vibrant color to the world one rock and roll poster at a time.  Occasionally I check into the poster gallery on this site to peruse the past and enjoy the memories even though that color is always and forever in the now. So, yes, 2016.  2014 and 15 were beautifully transitional years for me.  Big turmoil, then big changes, then big Love. Waves of unedited life. And, of  course, fantastic musical experiences.  Great rock and roll dances.  Beautiful acoustic performances….both solo and with dear friends and veterans from the musically conscripted.  I’ve had some incredible gigs already this year. Some that still get me high just with the memory. I am looking forward to more with a fully engaged heart.  Looks like sunshine on the horizon for those of us seeking it. If we are mistaken then let’s just make our own okay? We have begun work on a new record.  I ‘m so pleased with the outcome already, though it is but an infant.  Some of the songs were dreamt, some are cleaved from the simplest wishes and some are just there to make themselves known, regardless of what any of us in the studio do.  In any case I already love the album.  I am ever grateful that I have the opportunity to do another one.  Like the last few records, I hope this one too brings joy from the sheer power of music.  This is fun.  I’ll be writing here more.  If you are reading this feel free to comment.  If you don’t want to leave one then take a minute to check out the music and art.

Till the next tune,


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